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The Platform Economy

In China, the scale of the platform economy, the conditions giving rise to the development of the sector, and the special regulatory environment all have unique features that affect workers. This explainer examines these angles primarily through the lens of two platform industries: the food delivery industry and the ride-hailing industry.
09 November 2022

Nurse shortage comes face to face with low pay, inadequate training and the pandemic

Cost reduction mindset in industry leads to poor labour conditions and inadequate care for patients
30 September 2022

Economic trouble in real estate and industrial sectors affects vulnerable workers

Photograph: humphery / Shutterstock.com China’s economic troubles are revealed in China Labour Bulletin’s data on labour challenges that workers face. According to data collected in August 2022 in our Strike Map, Workers’ Calls-for-Help Map, and Workplace Accident Map, the effects are particularly acute for migrant workers in the construction sector and in the steel and coal production industries.  But first, don’t miss the content CLB has published recently: 
14 September 2022

August 2022 labour news roundup: Youth unemployment at record high for fourth consecutive month

In this edition: “Frictional unemployment” describes young people’s job prospects; live streamers experience labour disputes and excessive working hours; hospitals in financial crisis cannot pay wages and benefits; real estate recession leads to layoffs in steel industry; truck drivers on China’s “green passage” face challenges; workers suffer under extreme temperatures
07 September 2022

Medical workers strike over wage arrears

In CLB’s analysis of July 2022 data, we find notable cases of medical workers seeking wages in arrears, concentrated in China’s north-eastern provinces
16 August 2022

July 2022 labour news roundup: Widespread heat stroke and successive pandemic waves affect China’s workers

Heat stroke leads to worker deaths, injuries; Covid-19 employment discrimination persists; youth unemployment rate at all-time high; civil servants see pay cuts; government regulates transport sector to relieve burdens on truck drivers
09 August 2022

Under extraordinary pandemic conditions, local governments continue to side with employers

China’s lowest-paid workers are taking the brunt of the pandemic economy, with sporadic lockdowns, high unemployment rates, and stagnant wages
25 July 2022

Construction industry protests concentrated in Shaanxi province

In CLB’s analysis of June 2022 data, we find a higher than usual proportion of strikes and protests in the construction sector, with several incidents concentrated in Xi’an
14 July 2022

June 2022 labour news roundup: Restaurant closures leave millions of workers without jobs

Catering industry stalls under high operating costs; delivery drivers detained for violating Shanghai’s pandemic prevention regulations; construction companies transfer Covid-positive workers to unhygienic facilities; all levels of government urged to hire new graduates; physical examinations lead to insidious employment discrimination
05 July 2022

High unemployment rate indicates bleak job prospects for university graduates

Young people are delaying entering the job market, facing fierce job competition, and turning flexible employment, which may have long-term consequences 
14 June 2022
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