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Foxconn factory workers in Zhengzhou raised the alarm “amid the fire and water”

Positive Covid-19 cases at the world’s largest iPhone plant in China drove management to lock 300,000 workers down under unsafe conditions
08 November 2022

State-owned bus company in debt, asks employees to take out personal loans to cover unpaid wages

Local governments are also out of funds, and unions are too burdened with pandemic prevention measures to represent workers’ interests
27 October 2022

Nurse shortage comes face to face with low pay, inadequate training and the pandemic

Cost reduction mindset in industry leads to poor labour conditions and inadequate care for patients
30 September 2022

In India, gig workers challenge platforms online in war of words

Kunal Purohit reports from Mumbai on how gig workers are exposing exploitative practices on social media to reach an important ally: consumers
30 September 2021

Vietnam’s factory workers struggle just to get by under hard lockdown

Michael Tatarski reports from Ho Chi Minh City on the failure of Vietnam's “bubble” strategy to protect factory workers during a Covid-19 resurgence
13 September 2021

India’s workers devastated by deadly second wave of Covid-19

P.K. Anand reports on how India’s government has learned little from last year’s pandemic and lockdown measures and reveals how workers are suffering as a result. 
13 May 2021

The Karnataka Garment Workers Union, Bengaluru: A case study

In the third article in a series on workers’ rights and collective action in India, P.K. Anand looks at the Karnataka Garment Workers Union.
16 November 2020

The All-India Gig Workers Union: A case study

In the second article in a series on workers’ rights and collective action in India, P.K. Anand looks at the All-India Gig Workers Union.
09 November 2020

The Indian Federation of App-based Transport Workers: A case study

This is the first in a short series of articles on workers’ rights and collective action in India during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.
02 November 2020

Express delivery workers protest wage arrears as Singles Day approaches

On Monday 19 October, Best Express workers staged a protest demanding the payment of wages in arrears after the sudden closure of a branch in Shanghai. On the same day, workers at YTO Express in Fuzhou also protested the non-payment of wages.
22 October 2020
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