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Tight local budgets mean some essential workers go unpaid

Photograph: chinahbzyg / Shutterstock.com China Labour Bulletin’s mapping data collected in September 2022 reveals the extent to which local government budgets are stretched, leading to unpaid wages for essential workers like teachers and bus drivers in China’s smaller cities. This is related to the property market crisis, as local revenues from property sales have fallen.  But first, don’t miss the content CLB has published recently:
12 October 2022

CLB Report: Waiting for Weiquan: Worker rights protection at the All-China Federation of Trade Unions

CLB investigates the role and effectiveness of rights defence (维权 weiquan) departments of China’s official trade union
08 August 2022

High unemployment rate indicates bleak job prospects for university graduates

Young people are delaying entering the job market, facing fierce job competition, and turning flexible employment, which may have long-term consequences 
14 June 2022

An Introduction to CLB’s Work Accident Map

China Labour Bulletin established its bilingual Work Accident Map in December 2014 to track and categorise workplace accidents reported in domestic media
10 June 2022

Book Review: The Urbanization of People by Eli Friedman

This compelling and well-researched book examines urban policymaking through the human experience of migrant education
08 June 2022

Migrant workers and their children

There are an estimated 292 million rural migrant workers in China, comprising more than one-third of the entire working population. They have been the engine of China’s spectacular economic growth over the last three decades but remain marginalized, and their children have limited access to education and healthcare.
26 May 2022

Labour policy suggestions put forward at annual legislative meetings in Beijing

Discussions at these meetings act as a barometer on labour policies for the coming year
22 March 2022

Increase in strikes in logistics and service sectors in 2021 not expected to let up

CLB collected over one thousand incidents in 2021 in our Strike Map, revealing industry trends and labour relations challenges
15 February 2022

Two years on, pandemic’s frontline workers still lack adequate labour protections

The new calendar year began with the entire city of Xi’an in the middle of a month-long Covid-19 lockdown as China pursues its “Zero Covid” strategy, which is reliant on hotels as quarantine facilities. The very first local case in Xi’an, from which a rapid spread of the virus prompted the late December lockdown, was a quarantine hotel worker who contracted the virus on the job.
08 February 2022

Rural teachers raise age discrimination issue in their quest for equal pay

Local trade unions refuse to get involved when teachers raise online appeal over age limit in applying for national special post program
28 January 2022
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