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October 2022 labour news roundup: Average weekly working hours increased under pandemic

Also in this edition: Factory workers lose out on wages during peak season; retired workers re-enter the labour market; weak administrative enforcement of labour laws
14 November 2022

Food delivery driver stabs self in protest over fines and unpaid wages

Two years on from the viral investigation, “Delivery Drivers, Trapped in the System,” the industry has seen little regulatory change or union representation for workers’ obvious needs
30 August 2022

Construction industry protests concentrated in Shaanxi province

In CLB’s analysis of June 2022 data, we find a higher than usual proportion of strikes and protests in the construction sector, with several incidents concentrated in Xi’an
14 July 2022

Migrant worker unions help Hong Kong sanitation workers win back wages deducted for isolating with Covid-19

Unions step in to negotiate with companies and government departments before passage of a bill amending the Employment Ordinance
29 June 2022

An Introduction to CLB’s Work Accident Map

China Labour Bulletin established its bilingual Work Accident Map in December 2014 to track and categorise workplace accidents reported in domestic media
10 June 2022

An introduction to China Labour Bulletin’s Strike Map

There are no official statistics on the number of strikes and worker protests in China. CLB’s Strike Map is currently the only publicly accessible database that contains detailed information on more than 14,000 workers’ collective actions in China dating back to 2011
04 May 2022

Shanghai’s frontline workers document their struggles online under lockdown

CLB’s Workers’ Calls-for-Help Map has logged numerous examples of frontline workers’ rights being violated all while they work to support the lockdown
03 May 2022

Extension of retirement age in Jiangsu province highlights gender effects of labour policies

Changing demographics and projected social security shortfall have led to adjustment in legal retirement age, but systemic issues are not resolved
08 March 2022

First local Covid-19 case in Xi’an outbreak highlights lack of labour protections for frontline workers

A quarantine hotel worker tested positive for Covid-19 on 9 December 2021 and has since struggled to receive his pay and benefits for the hazardous work
31 January 2022

Local union washes its hands of the Nanjing Airport Covid-19 outbreak

Local trade unions failed to identify the threat of infection for cleaning staff at Nanjing Airport, but so far no one has been held accountable and the union has no plans to investigate.
30 August 2021
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