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In aftermath of price wars in express delivery industry, pay rates for couriers still paltry

While there has been a decline in delivery workers’ collective actions this year, some of China’s couriers report earning less than 1 yuan per delivery
11 November 2022

The Platform Economy

In China, the scale of the platform economy, the conditions giving rise to the development of the sector, and the special regulatory environment all have unique features that affect workers. This explainer examines these angles primarily through the lens of two platform industries: the food delivery industry and the ride-hailing industry.
09 November 2022

CLB Report: Waiting for Weiquan: Worker rights protection at the All-China Federation of Trade Unions

CLB investigates the role and effectiveness of rights defence (维权 weiquan) departments of China’s official trade union
08 August 2022

March 2022 labour news roundup: China’s workers in the Covid-19 wave

In this edition: Workers in the pandemic, tech layoffs, parcel delivery rate cuts, food delivery workers' rewards and punishments, age limits in construction industry, overtime culture, vocational student intern deaths, and a rise in teacher qualification applications
06 April 2022

Labour policy suggestions put forward at annual legislative meetings in Beijing

Discussions at these meetings act as a barometer on labour policies for the coming year
22 March 2022

Increase in strikes in logistics and service sectors in 2021 not expected to let up

CLB collected over one thousand incidents in 2021 in our Strike Map, revealing industry trends and labour relations challenges
15 February 2022

Wage arrears threaten the livelihoods of China’s workers

This year, strikes by couriers on China’s 11 November online shopping day reached a record of 136, compared to just 31 in 2020. During the pandemic, delivery companies have resorted to undercutting their competition with lower prices, leading to workers being paid less than 1 yuan per delivery in some areas. With price wars likely to continue, robust safeguards need to be in place and adequately enforced to ensure that couriers do not keep losing out.
09 December 2021

On Singles Day, price wars mean some couriers earn less than 1 yuan per delivery

Pandemic price wars among express delivery companies mean workers are losing out
13 November 2021

High-level guidance on platform employment lacks teeth

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, workers in China have flooded into the gig economy. Express delivery companies have started price wars to gain more market share, resulting in companies offsetting lower consumer prices by cutting commissions for delivery workers.
23 September 2021

Workers’ rights further eroded by new legislation in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen government is in the process of amending its Employee Wage Payment Regulations for the first time since they were introduced 17 years ago.
01 June 2021
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