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China’s teachers stage protests over long-standing injustices

The demonstration by more than 200 public school teachers in the southwestern county of Jianyang on 21 May was just the latest in a series of protests by teachers in China over a wide-range of issues including low pay, unequal pensions and other benefits, and wage arrears.
23 May 2019

Five young kindergarten teachers die in sub-standard housing tragedy

Deaths highlight the enduring problem of shoddily-built and hazardous accommodation that China’s low-paid workers are forced to live in.
20 November 2018

Teachers protest in Anhui focuses attention on long-standing inequalities

A protest by teachers in a small town in Anhui has ignited a debate about long-standing inequalities in teachers’ pay and working conditions in China. Photo: A teachers protest outside the Shangzhi government headquarters in November 2014.
31 May 2018

China’s teachers follow their American colleagues out on strike

While teachers in the United States have been making headlines with a series of ground-breaking strikes across the country, education workers in China have also been taking collective action over a wide range of issues from low pay, pensions, bonus payments and wages in arrears. Of the 135 incidents recorded on CLB’s Strike Map in April, a total of 14, or nine percent, involved education workers, a remarkable statistic given that teachers only make up about two percent of the national workforce in China.
04 May 2018

Teachers from across China gather in Beijing to demand payment of pensions

Hundreds of elderly teachers from all over China gathered in the Chinese capital on Monday 29 January to demand payment of long delayed pensions and other benefits.
01 February 2018

China’s kindergarten teachers demand better pay and conditions

Kindergarten teachers are among the poorest paid education professionals in China. Their employment is often insecure; they are given minimal training and are frequently subject to wage arrears.
28 November 2017

China’s teachers continue the fight for decent work

Some of the largest, best organized and most determined worker protests in China in recent years have been staged by teachers. China’s teachers make up less than two percent of the overall workforce but they account for about four percent of the strikes and protests recorded on China Labour Bulletin’s Strike Map.
01 June 2016

China’s teachers: The unsung heroes of the workers’ movement

Some of the largest, best organized and most determined worker protests of the last few years have been staged not by factory workers but by teachers. Photo teachers strike in Chongqing.
10 May 2016

Workers' Voices (new)

  Construction Township government finally compensates family of labour contractor after suicide   Unable to pay his workers, Sichuan labour contractor takes his own life  
06 October 2015

In These Times: A Turning Point for Chinese Workers?

Amid a wave of strikes, hopes for lasting workplace reforms
04 April 2015
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